Zondervan, the world-wide Christian communication publishing company, and Inspired By Media Group will be releasing a New Testament audio CD titled "The Bible Experience" in September, 2006. The CD is a catchy dramatization of the the Scriptures conducted with a potent blend of reading, voice, music, drama and color, that puts this kind of work beyond the scope of the ordinary. Though, the project is laced with wit and tragedy, it still encapsulate the integral ingredients of biblical veracity and accuracy.

The cast includes an extraordinary rooster of 80 African American actors, musicians, public figures and note-worthy persons of the religious community: among whom includes thelikes of Denzel Washington, Heavy D, Shirley Caesar, Angela Bassett, and Queen Latifah.  Also in this meticulously selected and well-adapted line-up are: Cuba Gooding Jr. who plays the role of Judas; Tisha Campbell who plays Mary-Magdalene's role;  Judge Greg Mathis who reads Solomon and Angela Bassett who reads the Christmas story. To cap it all, musical superstar such as Kirk Franklin, Common, Faith Evans and others record original songs, hymns and psalms. announces that "The Bible Experience will be produced using Zondervan's Today's New International Version (TNIV) Bible translation. This version was selected by Inspired By Media Group who thought that the Zondervan's version  represents the best combination of accuracy and readability for the audio Bible product, which is targeted specifically for the 18- to 34-year-old demographic."

Paul Caminiti, a key publisher of Zondervan's Bibles states that the company was looking for new ways to reach a wider audience beyond print Bibles with its modern, accessible translation. He said, "We wanted something unusual, something more visceral, something more experimental. We're trying to engage a new urban generation, and most are already turned off by the memory of the King James old translation."  

In line with this goal, the company intends to sell The Bible Experience in additional formats such as ring tones, IPods, animations, and others modern media technologies. Wouldn't it be a breathe of fresh air, perhaps a stimulating thought, to listen to the voice of Denzel Washington uttering the lover poetry from the Songs of Solomon (Song of Songs) or better yet   such line from the Lord in Psalm 91: They will call on me, and I will answer them, on your answering machine?

The producers of Inspired By Media Group believe that they are taking God's word and are gel-capping it - encasing  it with elements that make it more toothsome to the average person.

According to, Ron Belk one of the the producers said that with the recent resurgence of faith-based entertainment and its appeal to both urban and mainstream audiences, this project serves as a cultural bridge connecting people of all races and ethnicities. He resounded his excitement to partner with Zondervan to produce this unique and inspiring Bible."

Blair Underwood, who played Jesus's role in both a short film 13 years ago and in this current dramatization concludes that whether you believe the doctrine or  not, you cannot deny the impact that the life of this man, Jesus, on everyday life. He concluding that he is proud to be a part of this landmark project that has afforded him the opportunity to collaborate with so many of his peers to bring this unique and timely version of the Bible to the global marketplace.

The concluding project will be a remarkable audio performance of a 70-hour long script depicting Biblical Life from Genesis through Revelation.  CD's and MP3's formats of the New Testament segments are scheduled to be released both online and offline, and in secular and in Christian storefront by September; the Old Testament versions are to be followed sometime in 2007. Other futuristic projections to follow "The Bible Experience" sensations are branded products accompanied by musical pieces.

The reviews already pouring in on this masterpiece project, The Bible Experience, is awesomely unbelievably.

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