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Best Bible Books 2009

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Moonies – The Original Truth of God

Ever wonder what “The Moonies” actually believe? Before we go further, let’s clarify that Unificationists, member of the church founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, consider the term, “Moonie” a slur. We prefer “Unificationists.” Here is what Unificationists believe about God and his purpose for creation: God is the origin of heart and love. His [...]

Moonies – Their Teachings of God in Human History

What do “the Moonies,” a derisive term used in the media to describe the followers of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, actually believe about God in human history? There have been many things written over the years about these teachings; here is a simple summary of what the “Moonies” actually teach: God has been an active [...]

God’s Point of View

I would guess, that from God’s point of view, our lives are like a particularly unusual worm that we might see in the grass. This worm spends most of his lifetime crawling around in grass doing what worms do. But one day, this species of worm builds himself a unique sort of a nest and [...]

14 Major Points of the End Time

The Bible not only tells us about yesterday, it also tells us about tomorrow. It is full of thousands of detailed prophecies that describe specific people, places, times, situations, and events. Many of these prophecies are about the final period of man’s kingdoms on earth, a period known as the Endtime–the time in which we [...]

When the Circumstances Are Difficult and Grim, Know That You Can Overcome With Jesus Christ!

Read the letter of John in the New Testament and enjoy every blessing God has for you and commit yourself to faithful service. This article is based on Chapter 5 of that beautiful letter. When we are committed to Almighty God through Jesus Christ, we are then called to love our brothers and sister on [...]

Palestine at the Time of Jesus’ Birth

During their years of exile in Babylonia and Persia, the Jewish people had absorbed the idea that life is a battlefield between Good and Evil. Later on, back in Roman-occupied Judea, the line between Good and Evil seemed to have been clearly drawn between the Jews and the Romans. This divisiveness was further fueled by [...]

Why is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven?

In this article I am going to explain a few things. One being why Jesus is truly the only way to heaven and why other religions rely on self and the truth that self is not reliable. While reading the Word of God many people give up because they cannot understand what it means. So [...]

Teaching in Church Using Church Media

When Jesus roamed the earth over 2,000 years ago he would teach using illustrations and parables. When he would teach us to not be critical of others He used a parable about removing a board from your own eye before attempting to remove a speck from someone else’s. When He taught about loving your enemies [...]

Jesus, Son of Abraham

One of the things that Christians tend to forget is that we share a common history with the Jewish people. Gordon Fee once wrote that, “as Christians the Old Testament is (our) spiritual history. The promises and calling of God to Israel are (our) historical promises and calling (Gal. 3:29).” Hence it is important that [...]