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Melie Bianco Ethnic Hobo – Black or Orange

This handbag has a flap-over closure.
The bag’s measurements are approx. 12″ Height, 14.5″ Length, 3.5″ Width.
The hardware detailing is natural wood.
Soft, synthetic lambskin-finish body.
Satin fabric fully lines these purses inside.
A zip pocket, a cell holder and an open pocket on the inside walls.
The shoulder strap has a short, 6.5″ drop
Fast Grow ethnic hair growth enhancer
Like many, I am reluctant when hearing that a product can grow, clear, tighten or reduce anything. I was proven wrong with this product. I had about a snap’s worth of hair and decided that I wanted to grow it out in November 2007. Knowing me, if I don’t grow it out fast, I’ll cut it off even faster. So I started taking this product almost two months ago. Now I’m not saying I have hair flowing down my back, but my hair has easily grown two inches or more since November. Further, the texture of my hair both strengthened and softened within two weeks. I purchased two more bottles yesterday and given this progress, I should be sporting a ponytail in 2009!
The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, Based on the Wisdom of America’s Most Imaginative Chefs

Bought this book w/o a whole lot of information about it. Can’t believe it — I now have the resource I’ve been looking for

I’m a cook with some years of experience, a huge cookbook collection, a list of classes taught by renowned experts and cookbook writers, and still I yearned for a reference that gave me the info on what goes with what (w/o me researching my whole library or classnotes. I guess I need “permissions” and this book gave it to me.

Tonight I made redfish (snapper in the book) with a crust of almonds, chives, parsley and dill (methodology learned in all those classes). Served w a favorite zuchinni recipe that included the “go-to” ingredients for snapper, and roasted potatoes with light sprinkling of rosemary and salt (again, a “go-to” herb for the main dish).

It wasn’t overkill (my worry) — it just plain worked and I did it w/o a single recipe. Cut my cooking time in half and raised my personal culinary “thermometer” by a ton of degrees.

If you cook, know methodology and are looking for a silent but knowledgeable help in the kitchen, buy this book. It’s a gem!!!