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Politics & Religion

Politics & Religion is a part of the United States political process. Additionally, the 1st amendment gives voters of the United States the freedom of Religion, press, expression of speech as stated below. This is vital in both State and local politics and the basis for voters questioning a candidate’s belief system. “Amendment 1 – [...]

In Chicago Politics Are A Hot Topic

Politics have been a part of Chicago for some time. By politics we mean the heated politics of Chicago. From the University of Chicago, which has seen some great political leaders, to the leaders of Chicago in the past who were known to have mob connections, Chicago has been a political firecracker for some time. [...]

The American Experience – Marcus Garvey – Look for me in the whirlwind

Download The American Experience – Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the Whirlwind Online Right Now! Visionary yet enigmatic, brilliant yet manipulative, Marcus Garvey is one of the most controversial figures in American history. Both a powerful orator and a pompous autocrat, Garvey inspired the loyalty of millions of African-Americans while infuriating many black leaders. [...]

Houston City and Barack Obama 2009 Calendar

The election of Barack Obama was a surprising temporary revenue stream for the embattled print media — papers sold out, additional copies describing the victory sold out, and now companies like The New York Times are offering a cornucopia of Obama-related items for sale. (Framed edition of the front page declaring victory? Fifty bucks.) It’s [...]

The Sourcebooks 2009 Barack Obama Wall Calendar

The Sourcebooks 2009 Barack Obama Wall Calendar: Words of Hope and Inspiration is the top-ranked calendar on Amazon and the No. 1 best-selling calendar at major retailers across the country. Nielsen BookScan reports that the Obama calendar (ISBN 9781402219177; $12.99 US/$13.99 CAN; Aug. 1, 2008) sold 6,300 units last week. Jennifer Schubert, Vice President of [...]

2009 Calendar From Slavery to the White House

The 2009 From Slavery to the White House is an educational/historical calendar sharing the evolution of a people from the bondage of slavery to emancipation and the prospering in a free world society. Barack Obama is one of the figures noted in this calendar and the main cover figure largely due to his nomination and [...]

New Poll

Many Democratic Party supporters in the United States would like Hillary Rodham Clinton to become their presidential nominee in 2008, according to a poll by Gallup released by USA Today. 36 per cent of respondents would vote for the New York senator in a 2008 primary.Illinois senator Barack Obama is second with 22 per cent, [...]

Christians and Africa

My Dear Friends: Here are some fantasically astounding numbers about Africa. I believe, if we were Christian enough most of the world hunger and poverty would be erradicated. Christian nations are the richest on the earth, yet so much poverty abounds. The food that we throw in the trash in America is enough to feed [...]

Christian Artist Addresses Black Caucus

Please visit this brother website below and give him some support. In the times we live in it is seldom that people stand up for Christianity with such grace and humility Contact: Lloyd Marcus, President, Deltona Arts & Historical Center, 386-860-5090 Christian artist, Lloyd Marcus along with three other distinguished black conservative political activists [...]