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Scripture Songs – How to Turn Scripture Into Song

All of us who love the Bible have struggled with a desire to memorize verses but an inability to do so consistently. You have probably started a hundred times, then got discouraged and soon quit. Yes, it is hard work, but method also plays a part. Now consider the universal language, music. Good music contains [...]

Worship Leading With Inexperienced Musicians Or Singers

Worship leaders, we all have to face this one some day: the situation whereby you have to carry a member of your band or singers, for whatever reason, even though you know this will seriously affect your worship leading and the spirit of worship in the church that service. There are many facets to this [...]

Cameron Grey to release debut EP in Urbana

Cameron Grey, 24, of Bellefontaine will release his debut EP (extended play) during a show at Catfish Jones in Urbana on Thursday, June 18. The area hip hop artist returned to Ohio six months ago after living and working in Los Angeles. He made the move so he could “afford to pursue music full time,” [...]

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly – Church Music

Over the past couple of decades the “praise band” has become more and more popular in churches. In the past, the only way the average church member participated in the music was singing the hymns with everyone else or singing in the choir. Either way they were singing with a larger group, so if they [...]

Five Secrets Of Selecting The Perfect Wedding Gown

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding is selecting that perfect gown, the one that will dazzle your fiancee, your friends and your family. Although your mind may be made up and your heart set on a particular style prior to going shopping, be sure to try on several different [...]

Great Views For Christmas Costumes & Holiday Party Outfits

Christmas costumes are here and it is that time of year again to get excited and be ready for trips to the malls, the office parties, and being the host of one at your house. The parties start the day after Thanksgiving and go until the new year. Here are some ideas on wonderful costumes [...]

Selecting Unforgettable Music For Your Wedding

Music sets the feel and romance of a wedding ceremony. Like other details in a wedding such as candles, flowers, and dresses, music should be carefully chosen because it is very vital in the overall ambiance and flow of the ceremony and it also reflects the taste and personality of the bride and groom. A [...]

How To Search The Perfect Fitting Jeans?

Before you leave the house in your favorite pair of jeans, stop and take a long look in the mirror. Is your backside sagging like a day-old diaper? Are your jeans so acid-washed they look like they should be in an 80′s hair band video? If the answer is yes, it’s time for some new [...]

Six Clothing Tips For A Safari In Africa

The issue of what clothing to take on an African safari should be looked at in a realistic fashion. There are some vital rules you need to follow, especially when traveling on safaris in Africa. Let’s look at it this way, a safari is regarded as an adventure holiday. Sure, Africa has some of the [...]

The Right Message For Your Kids – Christian Music

Music has always been a big influence in the lives of young people. Elvis, the Beatles, U2 and others have left a mark on their generations. Unfortunately that influence has not always been positive. As parents we need to constantly monitor what is going into our children’s minds and souls. The music that they listen [...]