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The Early Church Fathers 38 volumes by Alexander Roberts and Philip Schaff

This is a masterpiece for a real in depth study of Scriptures. A must have collection with deep insight into the first 800 years of Church writings. This invaluable volumes include introduction, notes, indexes of important people, places and theological issues. This comes in hardcover. Value $1100.00 but retails for ONLY $229.99 The Early Church [...]

The Story of Christmas, by Gwen Ellis

The Story of Christmas, by Gwen Ellis, begins the story of Christmas with Zechariah in the temple, meeting with the angel. It wraps up when Joseph and his little family go back to Nazareth from Egypt. It has appealing and friendly illustrations by a guy named Steve Smallman. It is a pretty atypical book. There [...]

Why Doesn’t God Listen to My Prayers Anymore?

Here is the true test. You are in the middle of your biggest life crisis ever. You have overcome every other obstacle in your life so far, but now you stand to lose it all. Where can you turn? You are so desperate, you fall on your knees and pray, but all you get in [...]

Who Can Deliver Us and Set Us Free From Sins, Fear, and So Much More?

I was taking you through that beautiful and profound “hymn of love” in John’s first letter in Chapter 4, and these opening sentences in Chapter 5 are equally beautiful and just as deep and profound, and yet so basic and foundational to our Christian Faith. I cannot say “I love God”, if I do not [...]

When Did the Exodus Occur?

Several years ago, Reader’s Digest had an article about the biblical record of the nation of Israel. The author concluded that it was impossible to identify the time of the Exodus because there were no Egyptian records of them having entered or left Egypt. The article called attention to a problem I had run into [...]

Women in Jewish Literature

Among the songs of the Bible there are two, belonging to the oldest monuments of poetry, which have preserved the power to inspire and elevate as when they were first uttered: the hymn of praise and thanksgiving sung by Moses and his sister Miriam, and the impassioned song of Deborah, the heroine in Israel. Miriam [...]

Why Did Christ Come Into the World?

It seems to be a foregone conclusion today that Christ came into this world over 2000 years ago to establish his glorious earthly kingdom in Israel. And since he failed to do that at that time, he must return soon to set it up! This establishment of an earthly kingdom in Israel was the same [...]

The History of Freemasonry – Freemason History

Many groups and organizations exist in all parts of the world. Some are contained within their specific countries while others hold worldwide memberships. The society of the Freemasons comes within this category. They are based on individual groups all with the same cause. There membership is grouped according to Lodges. In some parts of the [...]

Is Freemasonry a Religion Or a Cult – The Truth Exposed

Throughout the years, there has been a controversy of whether the Freemasons are a fraternity for the betterment of humanity or whether they are just a secretive cult. Much emphasis has been put on what renowned figures were members of this Society. It would seem that if a prominent leader of the Country were pro [...]

Who Wrote the Book of Hebrews?

A great puzzle about the Book of Hebrews is the authorship, because the writer does not give his own name, or does he refer to any circumstances or connections that would say who he was with absolute assurance. A study of the Book of Hebrews shows that the writer was a man of high literary [...]