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Replacing Missing or Damaged Bible Experience CD

The Bible Experience on of the best selling Bible audio cd to ever hit the market has been on the market since 2007 and still sells very well today. This package of over 50 CD’S  includes all the books of the Old and New Testament. Christian Books says, “This fully dramatized version of the TNIV [...]

The Bible Experience Single Disc CD – Replacement of lost, scratch, missing, Broken Bible Experience CD

Please Download single MP3 version of Different Books of the Bible at Audible.com The instruction for creating single disc below is being reviewed until further notice. If you have purchased The Bible Experience, either the New or Old Testament version or both and have had one or more of your CD’S lost, missing, scratch, damaged, [...]

BibleNow and The Bible Experience This Christmas

Inspired By Media Group and Danteck Group Inc., have collaborated to create “The Bible Experience – NowBible Color (Audio/Visual Bible Reader – 4GB).” Released in November 2006, Inspired By…The Bible Experience is a series of dramatized audio Bible featuring character portrayals accentuated by a theatrical underscore and musical soundtrack. Additionally, the landmark recording is marked [...]

Zondervan Bible Publishing Joins IBS-STL Global

IBS-STL Global has appointed former Zondervan Bible Publishing Group executive Paul Caminiti to the new position of Vice President of Bible Engagement, effective June 22. Caminiti joined Zondervan in 1998 as the Senior Director of Ministry Resources, later serving as VP and Publisher for Bibles and VP of Bible and Church Engagement. He was responsible [...]

Which Miracle Was It? A Fun Bible Game on the Miracles of God

Have you ever experienced a miracle? On one hand you can always say, “YES!” merely because you are breathing. It is God alone who sustains our every breath. But maybe there are those of you who can honestly say, “Yes, God did an amazing miracle in my life!” The Bible is full of miracles that [...]

Know How To Share The Christmas Story With Children In Four Simple Steps

At this time of year, children all over the world are making wish lists and hoping Santa Claus will stuff their stockings with the latest and greatest toys and gadgets. They think back to the joys of last Christmas when all them dreams came true and they’re waiting with anticipation for Christmas morning to arrive. [...]

Cleveland Jones Writes The Firescalds Road Sky, a Novel of a Young Boy’s Faith Journey to God

Holy Fire Publishing releases The Firescalds Road to the Sky (Paperback, US$15.95, ISBN#978-1-60383-131-4). Cleveland Jones writes fact-based novel of a young boy’s faith journey from a religious sect to a personal relationship with God in rural Appalachia. The Firescalds Road to the Sky is a fact-based novel that follows a young boy, RC, and his [...]

Audio Bibles and famous voices

It’s still making use of the Bible. Only, this time around, it’s studying the Bible in an audio format. You can pick your favorite all-star cast and translation and listen in by CD or MP3. In today’s marketplace, there are literally hundreds of recognized actors whose vocal talents are featured in CD-packaged sets of dramatic [...]

The Bible in 90 Days

Participants in The Bible in 90 Days reading program at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church read 12 pages a day, then meet weekly in small groups to discuss what they have read. They have lessons on DVDs and a study guide to help them answer questions. (Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post) It’s a book awash in [...]

New Bible by Zondervan to be penned by 31,000 Americans

Thousands of Americans will have a hand in publishing the latest New International Version (NIV) Bible, which will debut next year. Zondervan, the world’s leading Bible publisher, is more than halfway through its Bible Across America Tour—a 90-city, cross-country excursion that set out aboard a 42-foot motor home in September to enlist thousands of everyday [...]