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Replacing Missing or Damaged Bible Experience CD

The Bible Experience on of the best selling Bible audio cd to ever hit the market has been on the market since 2007 and still sells very well today. This package of over 50 CD’SΒ  includes all the books of the Old and New Testament. Christian Books says, “This fully dramatized version of the TNIV New Testament was developed by entertainment veterans, and is a ground-breaking undertaking. The phenomenal quality draws you into Scripture and makes the Bible come alive in a new way you have never experienced before. 2007 Audies β„’ Audiobook of the Year Award Winner!”

But with every good thing that is used very frequently wear and tear sets in. The Bible Experience can be purchase either in CD form or in MP3 download format. Many Christians who have purchased The Bible Experience have done so by purchasing the CD version. With frequent use many of them have either, lost, damaged or had one or some of their CD’s missing.

The problem for these avid listeners of one of the best Bible audio in history, is not that they would have to purchase a replacement but that there is no shop online they can find one to purchase. The only solution seems to be to replace the entire set, and that is an expensive way to replace just one CD.

Fortunately, there is a way to replace a missing CD without purchasing the complete set. The easy solution is to download a MP3 version for only $3.99 and then burn the audio on CD. Since most computers comes with a free version of Microsoft Windows Player, which has a free CD burner option, the replacement of damaged or missing CD is easy.

For a complete guide to replacing your Bible Experience CD’s visit The Bible Experience Single CD replacement page

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The New Testament in CD and MP3 formats will be in retail outlets — secular and Christian, storefront and online — by Fall. The Old Testament follows in 2007. Price: $29.99
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