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Replacing Missing or Damaged Bible Experience CD

The Bible Experience on of the best selling Bible audio cd to ever hit the market has been on the market since 2007 and still sells very well today. This package of over 50 CD’SĀ  includes all the books of the Old and New Testament. Christian Books says, “This fully dramatized version of the TNIV [...]

The Bible Experience Single Disc CD – Replacement of lost, scratch, missing, Broken Bible Experience CD

Please Download single MP3 version of Different Books of the Bible at Audible.com The instruction for creating single disc below is being reviewed until further notice. If you have purchased The Bible Experience, either the New or Old Testament version or both and have had one or more of your CD’S lost, missing, scratch, damaged, [...]

The History of Black Hair – History of African American Hair

(BlackDoctor.org) ā€“ The history of black hair began in Africa, of course. Before the slave trade began, many African cultures wore notably elaborate hairstyles. This is where twists, braids, and intricately parted styles began. From the minute black people were brought to America, many of these traditions began to die as these proud people, suddenly [...]