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Moonies – The Original Truth of God

Ever wonder what “The Moonies” actually believe? Before we go further, let’s clarify that Unificationists, member of the church founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, consider the term, “Moonie” a slur. We prefer “Unificationists.”

Here is what Unificationists believe about God and his purpose for creation:

God is the origin of heart and love. His original reason for creating the universe and humankind was to realize His ideal of true love – the purpose of the creating. In this original world where God’s ideal would be realized, humankind and all things are meant to live in harmony and happiness together – with God’s love as the prime source. The world where God’s ideal of love is complete is, indeed, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the Original World Jesus described.

God created human beings on EARTH, not in Heaven; His ideal must therefore be realized on earth and is called the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Humankind is meant to live in God’s Kingdom on Earth, and then the spirit enters The Kingdom Of Heaven in the spirit world, where we live for eternity. The Kingdom of Heaven is the place where an individual, who has completely experienced God’s love in a successful life on earth lived according to God’s principles, lives happily for eternity in an ideal relationship of love with God and his/her fellow human beings.

In God’s ideal world of true love, there would not be any injustice or unrighteousness – sometimes called sin. The first man and woman did not fulfill their responsibilities; they did not perfect themselves and left the realm of God’s love. Called the Fall, its result was that sin and evil entered the world. This is the realm outside of God’s love – what we can call Hell on earth.

But God cannot abandon this world. His heart of love will not allow him to. God’s plan for salvation is the providence of restoration – restoring humankind back to our original position as described above – in which he will establish His ideal kingdom of love, which was his original purpose for the creation.

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