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Communion Represents the Beginning of What is Hoped to Be a Life Long Relationship

First Communion is a sacrament in many churches, and is a significant experience for young children who are heading toward adulthood. We sometimes think of the formal event as being exclusive to the Catholic Church and some other mainstream denominations that are very formal and traditional. Communion represents the beginning of what is hoped to be a life long relationship with God, and a step of responsibility for the person celebrating the sacrament. It is also often a family occasion where many photos are taken and is therefore an important time to look their best. The formal wear represents an offering of their best for the rest of their lives.

Girls traditionally wear white dresses for First Holy Communion. Formal dress and Bridal Shops generally will sell these dresses, just as they also sell prom dresses, but it may be a family choice to go to a store that specializes in Communion Wear and Communion gifts. These dresses may be long or short, or mid length. It is important to remember that a communion dress is modest and conservative. They also usually wear dress shoes, white anklets, or white tights and white slippers. They may wear a veil or wreath or special barrette in their hair to show that they are giving themselves to Christ as a bride. Any shop that sells formal white girls’ dresses will be able to provide the necessary formal head wear for the occasion. Some of the choices are dependent on local parishes and what is considered appropriate. It is an even that no one forgets. It is important that the dress be appropriate and also comfortable for the girl who is taking such a major step.

Boys wear for first Holy Communion often tends to dress suits, or even tuxedoes. In some areas the young gentlemen are also expected to wear white, symbolizing purity. Other choices are light gray, cream, charcoal gray, navy and black. Just as the girls may be outfitted in bridal and formal shops, the Tuxedos for the boys may be obtained at local shops. If the community or parish is a little less formal, the family may opt for the boy to have a nice dress suit. For some areas it is acceptable to wear a nice blazer and slacks. Usually the young man will wear a tie. There are even special First Communion ties as part of the boys communion wear. Check with the Catechism Director if you have any doubt about the expectations. Many times this is a group ceremony and the group is expected to dress similarly. Conservative is the key word for a boy’s first communion wardrobe.

Like many other traditions, the customs of First Communion have changed over the years. Professional consultants in formal wear, either in a shop or online will be the best help in selecting the clothes for a young person receiving the sacrament. Appropriate clothes for the entire family can usually be purchased in one location. Provisions can also be made for parties and other celebrations of this holy day.

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