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Why Doesn’t God Listen to My Prayers Anymore?

Here is the true test. You are in the middle of your biggest life crisis ever. You have overcome every other obstacle in your life so far, but now you stand to lose it all. Where can you turn? You are so desperate, you fall on your knees and pray, but all you get in return is a hollow silence.

Why has God abandoned you?

Even Jesus, as he hung on the cross dying, experienced that sense of desertion, when all, it seemed, had been for nothing. It wasn’t long, though, before Jesus realized that all was not for nothing and his cry of despair is soon followed by a prayer for the forgiveness of others. “Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.” This is a huge leap from desertion to the sincere awareness of the psychological condition of his enemies which enables him to forgive them.

The first thing to get straight is that even though He SEEMS to be absent from your life at a particular moment, or a particular day, or perhaps for a much longer period, He is still very much with you and watching your every move. Watch a toddler learning to walk for the first time, study the body language. All his life up till that point he has been used to being carried, pushed in a pram, and having his hands held while he walked. Now you’ve let him go. You know he is strong enough to go it alone, but there is a fleeting moment when he doubts it. He looks around in a panic to see why he has been abandoned. He waves his arms begging for help. Then he sees your smile of encouragement and he continues. With a little effort, he makes it on his own.

When we fall on our knees and pray in desperation and then wonder why we get nothing back, we are showing our dependency on God, which is a good thing, but God’s response is the same as that of a disciplined father. He’s saying “Let’s see how you deal with this on your own.” He hasn’t abandoned you and the safety net of salvation is still spread out before you, but becoming a mature Christian is about working ALONGSIDE God as well as working FOR him.

The Book of James explains that the biggest trials best develop our character. If we have got into the habit of turning to God every time something goes wrong, then we will never learn anything new about ourselves. Wisdom and knowledge come from experience. As painful as it is sometimes, we must realize that before we can make forward leaps in our faith, there are some things we must endure alone. At least for a while.

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