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God’s Point of View

I would guess, that from God’s point of view, our lives are like a particularly unusual worm that we might see in the grass. This worm spends most of his lifetime crawling around in grass doing what worms do. But one day, this species of worm builds himself a unique sort of a nest and crawls into it. He seals it shut behind him and almost immediately goes into a deep, deep sleep.

In due time, the tiny creature wakes up, but he has changed. As he crawls out of his nest on his new legs he seems to be in a whole new kind of world. No longer does he have to crawl around from leaf to leaf. He now has legs and wings and, best of all – he can fly! This transformed worm, now a butterfly, has a freedom and a life that is not at all like his old earth-bound life.

In much the same way, I think Jesus sees all Christians, such as you and me, and the lives we live here in this world, in a much different way than we see it ourselves. When He looks at us He sees us as we are now and at the same time He sees us, as we will become after we die to the things of earth, and awaken in Heaven where we will spend all of eternity with Him.

As Christians, what we do here in this life is only a brief interlude in time, perhaps like the blink of an eye compared to the eternity we will spend with our Lord in His Kingdom. Therefore, while we are here in the world, it’s up to each of us to live with great expectations of a far different life to come.

Later, when we are there in Heaven, with Jesus, we too, can look back on our lives here on earth with a new perspective and understanding, a perspective something like that of – God’s point of view.

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