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A Verse From Genesis Regarding the Origin of Man

Genesis 2.7 “And the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.” Whether you accept this single sentence as truth or fiction will determine your beliefs, thoughts, opinions and physical actions for the rest of your life and beyond. It really is a deal breaker.

In these “enlightened times” it is not difficult to find even priests who refuse to accept the veracity of this sentence. They prefer to fall in with the common belief of their age, the Darwinian concept of evolution. Yet for me, it has always been much harder to accept the weird and inconsequential argument for natural selection as the architect of the complex beautiful universe we witness daily, than to accept the existence of a divine father.

By the sixth day God had created everything he needed to have a fertile and living soil capable of being turned into solid matter. By then the material of the ground would have been teeming with all the organic and inorganic matter necessary for the physical assembly of the human body. The required ingredients, carbon, calcium, zinc, potassium, etc, were present, but without the fine judgment of an intelligent creator, these elements would have remained separate and useless. The composition of our bodies is so complex, the tuning so fine, the balance of success resting on such minute percentages, that no amount of time, accidental evolution or gene mutation could possibly have achieved it without the intervention of an outside agent.

But even with all the intricate assembly of constituent parts, the body is nothing but a shell, a vehicle without an engine. Until God breathes life into it, it cannot function. And what is the breath of God? Re read Genesis 1.2 and we see that it is the Holy Spirit, the ruach, which hovers over the earth. Without this mysterious final ingredient, there is no such thing as life. We each of us contain the breath of the Holy Spirit within us, whether we acknowledge it or not.

But acknowledge it we must, connect with it, use it, glory in it.

Genesis 2.7 answers the most commonly asked question of an intelligent being: where did we come from?
To discard this verse, to regard it as myth or fable, is to discard everything which makes man who he is. Without this verse we are no better or worse than soulless androids produced in some mad scientist’s lab, without meaning, without purpose and without a future.

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