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When the Circumstances Are Difficult and Grim, Know That You Can Overcome With Jesus Christ!

Read the letter of John in the New Testament and enjoy every blessing God has for you and commit yourself to faithful service. This article is based on Chapter 5 of that beautiful letter. When we are committed to Almighty God through Jesus Christ, we are then called to love our brothers and sister on earth!

Do you see what a lie it is to say, “I can be a Christian without being connected to the visible physical earthly Church.” If people have nothing to do with the family of God then such people are deceived or deluded, and if they continue and say this to others they will deceive and delude others too. If you mock His family you are mocking God too.

If we criticize – ridicule – laugh at His Family – with all its weaknesses and vulnerabilities – we project all these feelings and reactions and emotions towards Almighty God who so loves men.

Love His Family, and you are loving God too, because you will inevitably have a love for the Father of the Family. What you do to His Family you do to God.

One way to prove that you love God, is to love the children of God.

This is why we serve and minister and reach out a hand to people. This is why we pray for others. This is why!

The love of God inevitably means and involves love for His Children and Love for Him which means we go into all the world and preach the Gospel. It is like a circle where the love flows and when a man is outside the circle, nothing flows – or could we call it a circuit of love and when contact is made someone somewhere lights up with the love of God.

Another proof is that we keep His commandments, which has nothing to do with feelings, nor emotions.

To the man who loves God, God’s commandments are not irksome. Are any of His commands burdensome?

If a man answers, YES, does that not show a lack of love or even absence of love? This is what John is writing and teaching in these verses. Believing – obeying – loving are almost interchangeable words.

Jesus said My yoke is easy – well-fitting – it doesn’t irk – nor is it a burden.

In verse 4 John writes that you will overcome the world – what a statement – what a claim – what a promise! You can overcome and have victory over all the hindering powers of hell.

The world in which we live finds it irksome and burdensome to acknowledge and keep the Commandments, and that is why it takes a live fish to swim the other way against the stream. If you are born of God, you can swim the other way.

You have life in you and you can overcome the world. John mentions it three times in these verses.
First and third use of the word, is in the present tense, the second is the aorist – once and for all.

If we do not overcome the world, the world will overcome us.

What is it that gives us the power and ability to swim against the stream? Our faith – our believing – our obeying Jesus Christ and His Word – our holding on to the truth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Our society today is made up of the rebels and the respectable, but real freedom is to be free to keep the Commandments.

To be free – not to lie – not to steal – not to commit adultery – this is the overcoming power which Jesus Christ gives.

As we read John’s letter, and he is 90 years of age when he writes it, these themes emerge – belief – trust – surrender – light – love – victory – and overcoming. Having served Jesus Christ for over 60 years, John was more than a survivor. John was an overcomer. John had been with Jesus for three years and was present on the Day of Pentecost when Jesus Christ poured out the Holy Spirit, and he went on serving for sixty years.

We win with Christ. We love with the love of Jesus. We serve because God saved us and rescued us and chose us. What a positive way to live one’s life at a time when the situation can appear grim and difficult. Overcome with Christ Jesus. It is possible!

Word from Scotland

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