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Vital Consequences Result When Leaders Spend Time in Prayer – Are You in Leadership? Then Pray!

When leaders spend time in real prayer there are consequences. Consider the teaching of Jesus and the experience and example of Paul and Peter – two significant leaders who transformed the lives of many.

Jesus Christ in Luke Chapter 18, is speaking about Prayer, and not giving up, but persisting and persevering, and He has been speaking about the importance of being open and honest in prayer, and not trying to kid on that we are better than we really are.

It was at this point that some fathers brought their young children to Jesus – so that Jesus could lay their hands upon them and bless them. The disciples knew that Jesus was on His Way to Jerusalem – they thought that He was busy – too busy to spend time over young children – not so. They thought Jesus didn’t have time for children and that only grown-ups could listen and learn and follow. They tried to keep the children away from Jesus and their motives were good. Jesus surely had weightier matters on His Mind.

But, Jesus gave the disciples a good row. Let them all come – all of them – don’t keep them away. These children have something to teach us.

Just as the unjust judge has something to teach us about prayer, so Jesus says we can learn a lesson from these children. Jesus goes on and teaches something so beautiful and wonderful. A child is so dependent – so weak – so helpless. A child clings – a child looks up for food and nourishment. In the kingdom of God we have to be a little child in these ways.

The persistent prayer, who perseveres in praying properly, who asks not only for a Just God to be Just, but who also asks for mercy, is in one sense like a little child. Now, that may not appeal to some who think they are so self-confident and sure of themselves. The person who persists and perseveres in prayer – who will humble himself – and rely upon the righteousness which Jesus Christ gives is like these children. The person who will depend upon God – realizing his own weakness and helplessness, looking up for food and nourishment – and trusting that the Heavenly Father will provide and supply, is like the children in this scene.

We looked at how Paul put much of all this into practice. He depended totally upon the grace and mercy and love of God and the presence of power of the Holy Spirit. We have his prayers scattered throughout his letters. Take time to read them and learn the lessons this leader teaches.

Let’s look briefly at Peter and learn from what happened after Pentecost.

In Acts Chapter 3, a cripple has just been healed, and Peter is speaking. We know that he has been praying for some 10 days, and he exhorts those listening to him – verse 19 – Do not act in ignorance any longer.

Every word is significant – but look at that word restore in verse 21. It means – putting things back in their right place and in their right order.

Both Paul and Peter ministered prayerfully on a supernatural plane. The New Testament Church never functioned in the natural – but in the supernatural.

Peter here is calling these people to turn to God, and to repent, as the needy man was praying for mercy, and Jesus never made fun of that man. It was TRAGIC, not something to be fun of. Making fun of spiritual things, is not a mark of being a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ – in fact it is the mark of the very opposite.

In II Peter Chapter 3 and at verse 3, Peter writes that scoffers will come – scoffing and ridiculing, and following their own evil desires. Recognize that some people who may approach you as you serve Jesus Christ might have desires that are definitely not in your best interests!

In verse 11, he speaks of how crucial it is that we live holy and godly lives – like the man praying for mercy in Luke.

It is not often you hear a man described as holy or godly. What a wonderful thing to be said at someone’s funeral – he was a truly wonderful man who sought to live a holy and godly life.

And just as Paul was imprisoned, so is Peter on this occasion, and when he gets out he does not consider that he has been treated unfairly, or unjustly, but he goes back to fellowship with the other believers – Acts Chapter 4 verse 23f. – and they pray.

Yes, he does have a question in his prayers – verse 25 – from the Psalms – why – why – why does all this go on and on. In Chapter 5 at verse 41, we read, they rejoiced that they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name.

When you join the army, you are not given a piece of paper which says – We guarantee that you will not be killed.

Prayer is warfare – it is clinging – being so dependent – looking to God – relying upon Him for strength and power and guidance and direction – for everything.

How we pray will affect what we do – and how we will affect the world around us – and the impact we have in the kingdom of God.

In Acts Chapter 10 verse 9f. Peter goes to pray and God gives him a vision, and by the end of the Chapter, Gentiles – non-Jews – have come to believe in Jesus. They are baptized in the Holy Spirit – they are speaking in tongues – and Peter ordered that they be baptized in water.

What an impact that was to have upon the world, and in the kingdom of God. So much flows from the consequences of our prayers. Just do it. Go and pray. Talk with Jesus. Talk with our Creator God, and take time to listen and hear what He has to say to you.

Word from Scotland

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