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The New Atheism – Part Deux

The Christian religion promises eternal life in a paradise for those who are qualified and punishment for those who don’t measure up. Atheists settle for eating, drinking, and being merry (much of the merriment being provided by poking fun at the Christians who don’t follow suit). Unfortunately, there are plenty of flaky Christians to provide the pundit’s with stand-up comedy material. With the help of organizations such as the ACLU and Freedom From Religion, atheists try to use the constitution which promises freedom of religion as an instrument in spreading their bad news that “Ding Dong the God is dead.” Long live human intellect.”

Separation of church and state is an important concept. Look at the history of England. Their state supported church suppressed all freedom of religion. People were killed because they didn’t stick to the policy of the state supported church. No Christian with any sense wants the government to be linked with a specific church or denomination. This is where we say – “been there, done that, don’t want to do it again”.

However, the separation of state and God is a separate matter. We do want to live in a place where God is respected along with the rights of the people to worship that God, however they might see fit. That worship must of course be subject to the laws of the land which are based on protecting the people. Thus someone’s religion doesn’t give them the right to kill someone – such as an a abortion doctor. However, if the government passed a law (God forbid) that reading the Bible was a crime, then the laws of the land have gotten out of control and have gone beyond protecting people. If a law was passed forcing people to read the Bible, the same logic would apply. That is territory where a government should never plant its flag. God does not force us to worship Him. Neither should men enforce that compulsion upon their peers. However, for the government to constrain the name of God from being used in anything dealing with the government is tossing out the newborn with the placenta.

The interesting thing about choosing sides in a war of ideas is that every once in a while one of the faithful for one faction crosses over to the other opinion. I suspect that sometimes an atheist comes to his senses and realizes he is preaching a message of doom, not only for others but for himself. One of those types just returned to the Christian fold recently. You can see his story at www.newstatesman.com/religion/2009/04/conversion-experience-atheism Of course sometimes they go the other direction. In one of my novels I wrote about one former pastor who formed an organization to debunk Christianity. He had a falling out with his faith because of something that happened in his life. Ironically, he stated that if he believed in the devil, he would have been convinced he had been set up. Hellooooo, dude, that is the devil’s job description. Just like our bodies have to constantly fight off the viruses and bacteria that would do damage, our spirits have to fight off Satan’s attempts to probe our defenses.

Sometimes God really gets a hold of an atheist and does an amazing work. A friend of mine, Randall Niles, is one that God recruited into the ranks of His army of love. Randall transformed from a militaristic atheist to a zealous missionary. You can read his life story in his book Reflections of a Journey – What Happened to Me. It is such a shame. Over a million people bought Richard Dawkin’s book – most of them to bolster their unbelief, but Randall’s little gem goes mostly unnoticed by the world. That’s not surprising. God doesn’t fit into man’s desire for a Brave New World (including many who profess to be Christians). BTW: You can see a video about Randall’s journey at www.randallniles.com/what-happened-to-me.htm. If you visit YouTube, you can check out a plethora of videos that Mr. Niles produced as well.

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