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Biblical Tithing – Tithing is Abolished in the New Testament

Many Christians are taught that God requires them to tithe. They believe God wants ten percent of their (gross) income. Does the Bible actually say Christians must tithe?

The simple answer is no. Tithing was not part of the Christian faith. This is why the Bible makes no mention of early Christians tithing.

We must keep in mind that biblical tithing was an ancient Jewish religious ritual. Tithing was an elaborate system of animal and blood sacrifices. Tithes were given for the remission of ancient Israel’s sins.

Biblical tithing passed away with the fulfillment of the Mosaic Law (Law of Moses). Tithing was only one of the 613 commandments of the Mosaic Law. The Mosaic Law was given to ancient Israel and is part of the Old Testament. According to scripture, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus the Christ ushered in the New Testament. The New Testament replaced the Mosaic Law. Since tithing is part of the Old Testament it too was replaced.

What replaced tithing?


The early Christians practiced giving – not tithing. The Bible details an example of how the Apostles practiced giving in Acts 4:32-35. They collected money, sold possessions to help other Christians in need. This practice of giving is often referred to as Koinonia which is a Greek word meaning fellowship, benefaction or contribution (Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon).

The Apostle Paul did not preach or practice tithing. Although he is credited with writing most of the epistles in the New Testament, he makes no reference to Christians tithing. However, the Apostle Paul preached and encouraged giving. He never commanded anyone to give. New Testament giving was always voluntary.

I speak not by commandment, but occasion of the forwardness of others, and to prove the sincerity of your love (2 Corinthians 9:7, KJV).

Tithing is an Old Testament ritual that passed away with the Mosaic Law (Law of Moses). Biblical tithing did not take place among early Christians. Yet giving is documented throughout the New Testament. This supports the belief that Christians should practice giving – not tithing.

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