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God Designed Marriage to Be Permanent

God designed marriage to be permanent. He did not change His own law and allow for divorce! That is absolutely ridiculous. Moses changed the law because of people’s hardened hearts! Back in Moses days, husbands were throwing their wives out into the streets where they were being raped, brutally beaten and sometimes killed.

To help these women not be thrown out in the street like animals, Moses felt compelled to enact a new law. The new law was that a man had to write a formal letter of dismissal and go to court to be able to divorce his wife-they could no longer throw their wives out in the street where they were often taken advantage of. (Deuteronomy 24: 1-4) This new law deterred husbands from divorcing their wives.

Now, let’s go back to the beginning for a moment. God joined two people (male and female) together sexually into one flesh, which creates the union of marriage between a man and a wife. No one and nothing is able to separate what God joined together. God states, “let man not separate”.

“…So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man NOT separate.” (NIV Matthew 19:6)

But the Pharisees were trying to trick Jesus. The Pharisees were always trying to trick Jesus throughout the scriptures (New Testament). They were puzzled because God said that a man could not separate what He joined together, and yet here was a man called Moses permitting men to divorce their wives. He was separating them.

“Why then,” they asked, “did Moses command that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce and send her away? (NIV Matthew 19:7)

Before we read Jesus’ reply, understand that Jesus is not allowing for the clause “except for marital unfaithfulness-NIV” or “except for Fornication-KJV” a way to divorce your spouse. He is merely RECOUNTING what Moses enacted with the new law of divorcement because of hardened hearts. Now when you read this verse you will have a better understanding of this scripture.

He saith unto them, “Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives, but from the beginning it was not so. And I say unto you, whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery, and whoso marrieth her, which is put away doth commit adultery. (KJV Matthew 19:8-9)

The second half of the above verse does not mean just because a wife has been unfaithful one time that God is allowing for divorce. Jesus meant by “except it be for fornication” a man or woman who will not repent of their sin (hard heart) and wants out of the marriage.

I have done the research on this passage and the word fornication from the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. And it means a woman involved in harlotry-or better known in this day as prostitution. A man or woman who continually repeats sexual sin! It does not mean a husband or wife who repents and turns their life around and are seeking forgiveness! Now, let’s read the scripture for what it really means.

So then this scripture really means this: “I tell you anyone who puts away his wife (husband) except it be for harlotry / prostitution and marries another woman commits adultery.”

Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines harlotry as:
The trade or practice of prostitution; habitual or customary lewdness

But… if a husband or wife wants to leave the marriage and insists on a divorce because they are too selfish to reconcile their differences, what can you do? Let them go!

But if the unbeliever leaves, let him do so. A believing man or woman is NOT bound in such circumstances. God has called us to live in peace (1 Corinthians 7:15, 16 NIV)

Do not misread the above scripture. It does not say you can now get a divorce or remarry. It only says, “not bound”. It merely says it is ok to let the unbeliever leave, if they insist on leaving. It does not say to get a divorce or to remarry anyone else ever!

To the married I give this command (not I but the Lord): A wife must NOT separate from her husband. But if she does she must remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must NOT divorce his wife. (1 Corinthians 7:10-11)

Marriage Is Permanent!

God wants married couples to stop looking for reasons to leave marriage. He wants us to concentrate on how to stay together. Marriage is until death parts you one from the other. But if your spouse is spiritually sick with a hardened heart, you certainly can’t stop them from divorcing you.

Although divorce seems legal in the eyes of man, because Moses permitted it, in God’s eyes couples are still married until death of either spouse. This is why God says remarriage, if one spouse is still alive, is committing adultery.

For example, by law a married woman is bound to her husband as long as he is alive, but if her husband dies, she is released from the law of marriage. So then, if she married another man while her husband is alive, she is called an adulteress. But if her husband dies, she is released from that law and is not an adulteress, even though she married another man. (Romans 7:2-3)

Are you having a hard time forgiving your spouse of adultery? Do you keep picturing your spouse with the other person? Do you not trust your spouse anymore? Is your marriage about to collapse? Is your spouse repentant for their infidelity? Then read Angie’s book ADULTERY PANDEMIC. If you or your spouse have been unfaithful, this book will give you the understanding you need to heal yourself and restore your marriage.

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