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Analyze – NIV Audio Bible Download

In this article, I will give a review of the dramatized version of an NIV Audio Bible download. I will give consideration to the publishing company, the contents, and the overall quality.

* Publishing Company: Zondervan is oriented toward Evangelical Christians. Thus, this translation reflects the beliefs of this community to some extent. As an example, where some more literal translations like the NASB use “tradition” in places in the New Testament, this translation uses “teaching” (e.g. see 2 Thes. 2.15). If you are an evangelical Christian, this is certainly not going to be an issue; however, if you are a Roman Catholic or Orthodox Christian, you may want to look into another translation (e.g. the NAB [Catholic Bible] or NRSV).

* Contents: This NIV audio Bible download contains both the Old and New Testaments; however, as in line with the preceding paragraph, there are no Deutero-canonical books. Yet one must make sure, at least on sites like Audible, that you are downloading the full version and not simply the Old Testament or New Testament.

* Quality: This product is very well done with book introductions and music added to the recording for effect. However, it does not have an All-star cast like The Bible Experience. The upside of this is related to the cost of the recording. Since there is no All-star cast, the cost is far lower. For example, the NIV audio Bible download being reviewed here costs about half as much as The Bible Experience. The regular cost for this product is $41.99 on Audible.com.

Audio Bible.

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