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Father and Son: Talk About Sex from The Organization Freedom Begins

The organization Freedom Begins Here http://www.freedombeginshere.org announced today the launch of a new product: “Father + Son: Talk About Sex” meant to help initiate and guide the discussion about sex between a Father and Son. http://www.freedombeginshere.org/videos/father-son-talk-about-sex

Recent studies indicate that 12-17 year olds are the largest consumers of Internet pornography. As shocking as that may seem, teens are not only looking at pornography, 20% of teens have sent/posted nude or semi-nude photos or videos of themselves.

Such shocking statistics led Freedom Begins Here to respond to the crisis by formatting a totally new way for breaking the ice on topics surrounding sex, pornography and adolescence; completely redefining “The Talk.”

This conversation starter is built as a DVD, which includes a collection of unconventional videos on topics such as sex-education, pornography, and fatherhood. It even includes an interactive questionnaire to help make the conversation easier. The guidebook is the more complete portion of the product containing information on puberty, adolescence, and anatomy; all designed to supplement the videos on the DVD. It also includes a free trial of Covenant Eyes accountability software.

“We want to see the wall broken down between fathers and sons,” says Bryson Moore, Senior VP of Freedom Begins Here. “Fathers and sons share one of the closest bonds God ever created. If a father can’t be open with his son about sex, where is he going to learn about it? Probably from the internet, television or friends.”

Freedom Begins Here is a self-proclaimed “movement” with the goal of confronting the issues that no one is talking about. Their vision is to open the avenue of discussion about sex with youth, carrying with them a strong belief that initiating the conversation about sex is the best prevention of all.

The organization got their start back in 2004 dealing primarily with overcoming pornography and sexual addictions. Now, their scope is widening as they release a newly developed “Conversation Starter” series. Freedom Begins Here plans on releasing a Mother + Daughter conversation starter sometime this fall.

“Father + Son: Talk About Sex” is intended for fathers of sons ages 9-15 “although almost any father and son would learn something from it” says Moore. Highlights of the video include a comical but thorough approach to sex-education, a quirky video warning about the dangers of pornography and a design that should appeal to sons and fathers alike. “It is an uncomfortable subject, and we understand that; which is why we did our best to keep in easy for dads and educational for sons” says Moore.

Freedom Begins Here also carries another conversation starter that has stories from contemporary Christian artists such as Rush of Fools, Jimmy Needham and Sarah Reeves telling stories about how sex, porn and self-image have affected their own lives. http://www.freedombeginshere.org/videos/start-the-conversation-dvd

All products are available at the Freedom Begins Here website: www.freedombeginshere.org

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