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The Bible’s Story of Salvation from Bill Stahl

Using modern language and phraseology, author, Bill Stahl, retells the ancient stories of the Bible in his own words in The Bible’s Story of Salvation (published by iUniverse). He incorporates the contributions of Bible scholars, historic, archaeological, and pertinent scientific data to “make the stories more understandable and to make them come alive, particularly the people of the stories,” says Stahl, “They were real people with real lives, having many of the same goals and ambitions, concerns and fears we have today.”

The Bible’s Story of Salvation is the first of a three volume series from Bill Stahl. It covers the Bible from Genesis through Second Chronicles. For some twenty first century readers, it’s hard to understand the Bible because the ancient writers were writing for the people of their own time. Many are unfamiliar with the places they speak of and the stories are not always in chronological order. There are numerous inconsistencies and even apparent contradictions in the Bible. Some of what the Bible authors state doesn’t square up with historical or archeological records. Usually, to understand the Bible, further study is essential. Bill Stahl has done this further study and researched the Bible scholars’ contributions, historical and archeological records, and scientific data to simplify the complexities of the Bible and help modern readers understand its essential message.

“The Bible is the story of the birth and growth of the Hebrew religion (Old Testament) followed by the story of the birth and early development of the Christian religion (New Testament). Looking at it another way, the Bible is the account of the unfolding and execution of God’s plan for the salvation of the human race.”

About the Author
Bill Stahl has taught the Bible and religious topics for more than thirty years and has extensively researched the work of scholars and theologians, plus historians, archaeologists, and scientists. A structural engineering consultant, he is the father of three grown children and lives with his wife in Columbus, Georgia. He is currently working on the second installment of this three part Bible series.

The Bible’s Story of Salvation: Book I: From the Beginning to the Exile

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