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Just as You Are by Paul Coutinho

Many of us go through life thinking and acting as though we can somehow, in some way, earn God’s love and favor. If only we do this, or that, or both, or more, God just might offer us at least a small bit of Divine approval or acceptance. Eventually realizing the impossibility of “getting right” [...]

Eve by Elissa Elliott

“Eve” tells the story of Adam and Eve’s life after they were thrown out of the Garden of Eden, until shortly after their son Cain murders his brother Abel. Elliott tells the story of what led Cain to do it through the voices of Eve and her three daughters. Elliott’s Eve is a heartsick mother [...]

Church Suits for African American Woman – Black Professional Formal Suits

Designers like  Dorina Clack Cole, Donna Vinci and other African American style designers produce Luxurious Women Suit elegantly fashioned from the soul. The intuition and remarkable creativity of fashion designer Donna Vinci has garnered him a devoted following amongst African American church going and professional women. Imagine stunning elegance that comes from the soul: Classy [...]

African American Skin Care Products

How African American skin care products work is surprisingly just like about any other skin care product. Skin is basically skin. The only real difference is the pigment or tone. Of course, skin problems can vary among ethnic groups. But the bottom line is that good skin care works for all skin tones IF the [...]

Virginia Bridal Gowns and Engagements

Here comes the wedding day! Anywhere in Virginia you are, you need or you will need a bridal gown. The wedding day comes as a beautiful and memorable experience with many wedding tasks that you have to finish. You may feel a little bit baffled at the beginning. You may even not know which way [...]

African clothes – cultural pants, shirts and dresses

Since the election of President Obama, there has been an increase in an interest in African fashions among African American communities. Clothing is often an expression of who we are. There are those who celebrate their African heritage through a variety of African clothing styles. These ethnic styles are a very versatile and dynamic way [...]

Women Spring Fashion 2009

Spring cleaning is upon us, and that goes for your closet too. As the cold winter weather begins to wane, you tend to find yourself longing for bright new spring colors. It is time to head into your closet to get rid of those garments that you do not wear anymore. Instead, there are great [...]

GMAT Verbal Bible

PowerScore has just released the highly anticipated GMAT Verbal Bible, the ultimate guide for mastering the Verbal section of the GMAT. This latest publication, which joins a considerable lineup of best-selling standardized test preparation materials published by PowerScore, was written by David Killoran, founder of PowerScore, Steven Stein, PowerScore’s Director of Educational Development, and Victoria [...]

A Well-Built Faith: A Catholic’s Guide to Knowing and Sharing their faith Joe Paprocki

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is over nine hundred pages long, so it comes as no surprise that many Catholics think of their faith as complex—and certainly too complex to share with others! In A Well-Built Faith: A Catholic’s Guide to Knowing and Sharing What We Believe (Loyola Press, 156 pp, $9.95, 0-8294-2757-0), best-selling [...]

Modest Prom Dresses 2009 By Jen Clothing

The economic indicators for February are in and the forecast for American families looks bleak- according to US News & World Report, February saw 651,000 jobs disappear while the foreclosure rate climbed 6%. To make things worse, over a trillion dollars of wealth was lost as stock markets continued to plummet. I’m the oldest of [...]