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Cleveland Jones Writes The Firescalds Road Sky, a Novel of a Young Boy’s Faith Journey to God

Holy Fire Publishing releases The Firescalds Road to the Sky (Paperback, US$15.95, ISBN#978-1-60383-131-4). Cleveland Jones writes fact-based novel of a young boy’s faith journey from a religious sect to a personal relationship with God in rural Appalachia.

The Firescalds Road to the Sky is a fact-based novel that follows a young boy, RC, and his family living in the Appalachian Mountains in the late 1940s to their eventual return to Newport News in the 1950s. Jones’ novel depicts RC’s discovery of the vital importance of a personal relationship with God, and the value of the freedom to live an adventurous life–tempered by obedience to God.

Cleveland Jones, a Newport News native, writes of the trials and triumphs of young city children adapting to farm life in the high Appalachian Mountains. He describes a community where most neighbors are related, and where Grandparents are as influential as parents in children’s lives, and children are introduced early to God and the Bible.

Through the narration of RC, the 9-year-old main character, the children experience life and poverty among their relatives and neighbors in rural Appalachia, but also learn valuable life lessons as family members receive “each day as a piece of coal and work to turn it into a diamond.” RC’s relatives find hope in the teachings of a church radio broadcast, but are drawn into the religious sect that sponsors the broadcast. When RC attends the sect controlled college and works at sect supplied jobs, he becomes serious about his faith; however, RC’s pursuit of God and truth through His word leads him into confrontation with sect leaders, and eventually out of the sect and into a true relationship with God.

“[The book] ties in with sect leaders …such as Herbert W. and Garner Ted Armstrong. Most readers will be surprised at how much of the Bible they hear for the first time. They may end up studying revealing truths, which RC discovered…” — Cleveland Jones

“This book demonstrates a unique understanding of the word of God that is only acquired by many thorough readings of the Bible. Cleveland brilliantly shares these understandings with his readers.” — C. Campbell, retired Systems Engineer, Alexandria, Va.

Cleveland Jones, B.S. Ambassador College, M.S. Longwood University, Doctoral Studies, University of Virginia, has published nonfiction articles. However, he feels The Firescalds Road to the Sky is his most intense work to date. Jones ministers through public speaking to churches and groups as time permits. He is passionate about Christian growth for both individuals and the corporate church body. Look for The Firescalds Road to the Sky at Amazon.com. Please contact Cleveland Jones for local book signings.

Holy Fire Publishing (www.christianpublish.com), publishers of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian writers reach the world through the printed word.

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