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The Holy Land Experience

With the $12-million-dollar center for biblical antiquities, the Holy Land Experience (HLE) continues to treat guests to a truly unexpected Orlando experience. The Scriptorium — HLE’s pièce de résistance — is a center of truly remarkable biblical antiquities.

A rich, edifying, and inspiring museum housing some of the most rare biblical artifacts discovered to date, the Scriptorium is a walk-through experience and automated tour that introduces guests to the world’s largest private collection of biblical artifacts. The Scriptorium’s Van Kampen Collection, privately owned by Robert and Judith Van Kampen, was founded in 1986, and is an expression of the couple’s passionate commitment to God and his word.

HLE’s Scriptorium takes visitors on an incredible fifty-five minute, highly-themed historical journey, unveiling the fascinating origins of the holy bible along the way. See authentic, ancient artifacts from around the globe, including Babylonian pieces dating back 4000 years, cuneiforms, scrolls, codices, manuscripts, bibles, and other religious antiquities.

The Scriptorium journey tells the story of people who were imprisoned, some brutally murdered, for owning or sharing a bible. Embracing the stories of these brave men and women, the Scriptorium celebrates their relentless struggle to make the bible available to everyone.

See the blood stained pages of a martyr’s bible and portions of Gutenberg’s 42-line Bible. Revel in rare editions of William Tyndale’s English Bible as well as a copy of the Wyclif Gospel. And, at the tour’s end, a spectacular display of the Ten Commandments and a stunning collection of paintings of biblical men and women who loved the word of God.

The Scriptorium provides guests with a dramatic understanding of bible history, illustrates the parallels between bible and civilization’s history, and shows the lasting effect of it all upon our world. And don’t miss the featured exhibits on display in the rotating exhibit located off the Scriptorium bookstore. It is a learning environment that captivates through sight, sound, and touch.

Currently in the rotating exhibit, A Day in the Life of a Monk journeys to a monastery giving guests a taste of medieval monks’ daily lives. Before you sound the monastery bell, enjoy an up-close and personal video featuring the musings of a young monk as he contemplates monastic life, or create a souvenir impression of a page printed in 1473.

Gate price includes all park activities (except dining and shopping) during operating hours: exhibits, musical dramas, presentations, special guest performances or guest speakers, and the movie theatre. Parking, wheelchairs, and strollers are free; special rates are offered to pre-booked bus groups. January hours: 10AM to 6PM; Sundays 1PM to 8PM; closed Tuesdays. Hours of operation are subject to change. For details, go to www.holylandexperience.com/guest_services/seasonal_hours.html.

HLE is owned by TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), the largest Christian television network with thousands of TV and cable affiliates worldwide, including WHLV TV 52 in Orlando. For more information call the Holy Land Experience 1-407-872-2272 or visit us online at www.holylandexperience.com. HLE is located at 4655 Vineland Road, Orlando, Florida, U.S.A., 32811.

About The Holy Land Experience (HLE)

The Holy Land Experience bases its ministry on reaching out to visitors through the innovative use of music, drama, and historical presentations. Bringing together the sights, sounds, and tastes of the Bible world in a unique and interactive way. Educational in nature, HLE’s structures and exhibits characterize the style, architecture, and settings of ancient Jerusalem; lively presentations provide visitors with an understanding of their biblical significance. Inspirational and theatrical re-creations of the ministry of Jesus, stories from the Old Testament, miracles, and triumphs, will move the spirit of HLE’s guests. For more information on the Holy Land Experience, visit www.holylandexperience.com.

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