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Ad Campaign Telling Black to Vote Pro-life

How should we take this. It always bugs me, that while we Christian place so much emphasis on abortion, we neglect the other ways in which the innocent gets killed. They real question we should be asking ourselves is, when is it ok for a Christian to kill someone? Herman Cain, the former chairman and [...]

Madonna: An African Mom

I received the tidings of Madonna’s adoption of an African boy with much joy and sincere admiration for the pop star. It is refreshingly encouraging to see an increasing response to the plight of Africa’s children from Hollywood. S0, i was taken aback from the outcry it has generated in certain quarters. It is tellingly [...]

Christian Post Survey

A recent survey by the Christian Post point to some happy news in regards to African American and the Bible: “Reading novels was high on the appealing activities list for white adults, along with spending time with friends and eating at restaurants. African-Americans, on the other hand, found most appealing religious activities like attending church, reading [...]

Christians and Africa

My Dear Friends: Here are some fantasically astounding numbers about Africa. I believe, if we were Christian enough most of the world hunger and poverty would be erradicated. Christian nations are the richest on the earth, yet so much poverty abounds. The food that we throw in the trash in America is enough to feed [...]

Controversal Color of the Cross

A new movie is stirring up bloody controversy. “Color of the Cross” re-examines the last 48 hours of Jesus Christ’s life. Catch The Fire!  http://www.thebibleexperience.us/projects/colorofthecross.php Christ is portrayed as a Black man. This film have Jews, White, Blacks – everybody talking. Check it at www.colorofthecross.com

Colon Check

Yesterday, I had my colon checked through a process called colonoscopy. The result: I have diverticulosis, a condition that develops when there is too much pressure on the colon. The doctor recommended that i should eat more fibre foods and excersize more to aid my bowel movement. Every black male above the age of 40 [...]

Back Americans Exploring Native American Roots

About 15 years ago, a group of blacks attending the Silver Star Pow Wow in California decided to go out into the circle and dance together in an intertribal dance. Almost immediately, they felt a bond, said Don Little Cloud Davenport, leader of the Black Native American Association. “There was something special about that moment,” [...]

Special Service for The Bible Experience

A special Consecration Service and Post-Reception for “Inspired By…The Bible Experience,” an audio dramatization of the entire text of the New Testament, is scheduled to be held Sunday, Oct. 15 in Inglewood, CA at Faithful Central Bible Church (The Forum) -  3900 West Manchester Blvd. “Inspired By…” features a cast of more than 200 celebrities, [...]