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Best Bible Books 2009

The Bible Experience CD


Inspired By The Bible Experience is a 70-hour dramatic audio performance of the Scriptures
from Genesis to Revelation. This project of biblical proportions is done by 80
black celebrities reading, singing and performing background music to the Bible.

The New Testament in CD and MP3 formats will be in retail outlets — secular and
Christian, storefront and online — by Fall. The Old Testament follows in 2007.

NOW AVAILABLE–The Bible Experience Old Testament AND Complete TNIV Bible!

Inspired by...The Bible Experience Complete Audio Bible on CD

Inspired by…The Bible Experience Complete – NEW and OLD Testament Audio Bible on CD

CBD Price: $82.99

Inspired by The Bible Experience: TNIV Complete Bible MP3-CD

Inspired by The Bible Experience: TNIV Complete Bible MP3-CD

CBD Price: $24.99

Inspired by The Bible Experience: TNIV Old Testament Audiobook on CD

by The Bible Experience: TNIV NEW Testament Audiobook on CD

CBD Price: $34.99

Inspired By...The Bible Experience Companion Bible, Duo-Tone, black/lime

Inspired By…The Bible Experience Companion Bible, Duo-Tone, black/lime

CBD Price: $18.99

938576: Inspired by...The Bible Experience TNIV Old Testament Audio Bible on CD
CBD Price: $59.99
Inspired by…The Bible Experience TNIV OLD TESTAMENT Audio Bible on CD

By Zondervan

The fastest-selling audio Bible ever! This unforgettable dramatized reading by over 200 distinguished actors, actresses, and musicians gives extraordinary voice to God’s Word. Backed by an original musical score, Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Shirley Caesar, T.D. Jakes, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, and others deliver an electrifying “performance” of the complete TNIV Bible. 55 CDs and 1 DVD.

Hear the words of the Bible brought to life like never before. Inspired By… The
Bible Experience: New Testament Audio CD is a fully-dramatized reading of the
complete Bible performed by an unprecedented ensemble of distinguished
African-American actors, musicians, and personalities. The cast is scheduled to
include such recognizable voices as: • Denzel Washington • Blair Underwood •
Angela Bassett • Juanita Bynum • Shirley Caesar • Kirk Franklin and more.

dramatization is further enriched by an original musical score composed by
Grammy award–winning producers. And the recording is truly contemporary, using
the accessible and trusted Today’s New International Version (TNIV) of the
Bible. The features of The Bible Experience provide a rich listening experience,
helping you hear the words of Scripture as if for the first time. The Bible
Experience is available in both traditional and mp3 CD formats. Every TNIV
Zondervan Bible you purchase helps International Bible Society translate and
give Bibles to people in need around the world


This cd is very enjoyable and expressive. The only thing is that it

is somewhat hard to follow when you want to grab your bible and

follow along as they read it. There is no type of introductions to

separate the chapters. – MB

I purchased your “The bible experience” I
not only loved it but I have been pushing this project. So far I love everything
about it except the music. May I ask why didn’t they add the sounds (singers )at
the end of the last tape. (18) the songs don’t seem to reflect what is being
read so may I ask the purpose of it? And is it possible not to do it for the old
testament when you guys do the project. Of which I will be getting. If you knew
how many people I have introduced and are buying it you would be surprised. In
fact I’m giving those around me this for Christmas gifts.  – DH

I have the CDs
of the New Testament, what an awesome experience -D

I was given The Bible Experience as a Christmas gift and have begun to listen
to it.  It is wonderful so far and I’m thankful that God inspired you to do such
a project. - LM

I am thoroughly enjoying listening to your New Testament version of “Inspired
By…. The Bible Experience”. There’s not just one word that can sum it up;
WONDERFUL, MARVELOUS, MAGNIFICENT are some that come to mind though. – MG

Thank you!!!!! I LOVE the Inspired by The Bible Experience. – VL

Let me begin by saying that had it not been for the promotion for The Bible Experience that I saw on TV this past Sunday, this letter most likely would have gone unwritten.

As I was preparing for church, I saw the commercial and was pleased to see so many actors and actresses whose work I appreciate. There was one in particular that caught my attention. It was Gary (Durdin) Dourdan.

I was so pleased to see him because I’ve enjoyed his work since I first saw him as Shazzah on A Different World. From what I understand he has been coming through some tough times. I’d had the inclination to write words of encouragement before but with the business of life, I just didn’t get to it. So, now I’m taking the time.

If you would, please let him now that there are people who appreciate his presence as a strong black man in the entertainment field. Please let him know that there are people who are praying for God to bless him with what it is he stands in need of. I hope to see him in more productions in the future but if that’s not in God’s plans, I just pray that he will be whole and happy in the Lord.
C Ulmer

Update on The Bible Experience

Samuel L. Jackson as

But Zondervan released an even bigger blockbuster last
year — The Bible Experience ($49.99), an audio Bible with theatrical effects
and Hollywood talent. Blair Underwood is Jesus while Samuel L. Jackson is the
voice of God. After selling its first run of 250,000 New Testaments in four
months, Mr. Caminiti thinks it now ranks as “the fastest-selling Bible ever in
the history of Bibles.”

The cast is all black, but Zondervan has not marketed it as a Bible for
African-Americans — figuring, instead, that people of all colors will want to
hear Denzel Washington and his wife, Pauletta, for example, read the erotic Song
of Songs when the Old Testament is released this fall.

Voices of black celebrities power new 78-CD

the bible experience audio bible on cd mp3Bible MICHAEL E. YOUNG The Dallas Morning News

The original vision for an audio Bible aimed at a young, urban audience
included 30 celebrities delivering the words of Scripture with all the fervor
and emotion that sometimes slide to the background in the written book.

“But this turned into something far bigger than the original version,” said
Paul Caminiti of Zondervan, which is publishing and distributing “Inspired By
… the Bible Experience.”

“As the project got under way, word began to spread through the Hollywood
community, and actors and actresses were coming up and saying, ‘Why haven’t we
been invited to participate?’ ”

In the end, more than 375 black celebrities and religious leaders helped
bring the Bible to life in the 78-CD collection. Among them are Angela Bassett,
Blair Underwood, music star LL Cool J, and megachurch pastors such as Dallasites
T.D. Jakes and Tony Evans.

Big vision

“This originated as the vision of four African-American Hollywood producers
who began by thinking about their own children and then the next generation, a
sight-and-sound generation,” Caminiti said. “They asked, ‘How do we engage them
with the Bible?’

“The idea that surfaced was an audio Bible, but a Bible that leapfrogged
anything else out there.”

There was nothing new about an audio Bible. Zondervan has four of its own.
But none matched what the Inspired By Media Group hoped to do.

“They thought production values were lacking, and they thought those would be
necessary to connect with a new urban market,” Caminiti said. “So their vision
was to combine leading Hollywood talent with a world-class musical score,
cinematic sound effects and a contemporary translation.

“They thought if all of those could be incorporated into the project, it
would capture the imagination of two audiences — those who had never read the
Bible, and those who had read it too much.”

Faith born from hearing

Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, supports
the project.

“I think it’s a quality presentation of God’s word, and I’m for anything that
makes God’s word more accessible to the public,” said Jeffress, who was recently
named pastor of the church, long a bulwark of conservative theology. “Paul said,
‘Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of God.’

“I think the ‘Bible Experience’ reminds us that the Bible was poured through
the lives and personalities of individuals and helps bring those words to life.”

Zondervan released the New Testament portion in 2006, which sold more than
330,000 copies and was named book of the year by the Audio Publishers

This month, it was joined by an Old Testament release and the complete Bible
– right down to “books as tedious as Leviticus,” Caminiti said.

“You hear the bleating of the animals, you hear the sacrificial fire, you
hear the tinkling bells on the priests’ robes,” he said. “The sensory experience
is different than just reading.”

But it is the combined talent of the speakers that gives the CDs — or iTunes
downloads — vitality.

Jakes, whose voice was heard in the New Testament, returned as Abraham in

“It was wonderful,” he said. “I didn’t pick the role — I was assigned it,
and I was deeply honored to do that. I wished to bring what I thought was his
full emotional makeup.”

But at least Abraham was a man, and Bishop Jakes could empathize with his
humanity. Not so his earlier role voicing the Holy Spirit.

“I’m sure I didn’t know what I was doing,” he said.

“But I realized that to repeat the words of comfort the Holy Spirit gives to
the human soul is something every minister tries to do every Sunday.”

Denzel Washington Reads Bible ‘Every Day

By Kevin Donovan Christian Post Correspondent

Denzel Washington lead the way for Hollywood celebrities who are devoted Bible
readers, according to this week’s issue of celebrity magazine Us Weekly.

Celebrities Joel Madden and Heidi Montag also made it to the list, although
the two have no prominent past history of sharing their faith openly and have
lifestyles that many might describe as far from biblical. Underwood and
Washington, on the other hand, are different cases.

In a poll compiled by BeliefNet.com, Washington, 52, came in as the second
”Most Powerful Christian in Hollywood” after Mel Gibson.

He also played the voice of Solomon in the audio Bible “Inspired by: The
Bible Experience.”

“I read the Bible every day,” the married father of four said in a new
interview with Reader’s Digest. “I’m in my second pass-through now. It’s better
the second time around.”

Similar remarks were made by country singer and American Idol star Underwood,
who has often expressed her faith through her music, such as hit single “Jesus
Take the Wheel.”

“I keep it on the bus,” the 24-year-old songstress said, according to Us
Weekly. “It’s always there.”

Meanwhile, Montag of the MTV reality TV series “The Hills” says she owes all
her success to her faith.

“I’m reading the Bible beginning to end,” Montag, 21, said. “I’m very
religious. That’s how I’ve gotten to where I am.”

In Madden’s remarks, the 28-year-old frontman for rockband Good Charlotte
said, “I read the Bible a lot.”

“I’m a pretty conservative guy in the way I live,” claimed Madden, who has a
tattoo of Jesus on his arm and is expecting a baby with girlfriend Nicole Richie.

The Bible Experience: Audio Bible fastest seller

A Grand Rapids company has a new version of the Bible on store shelves. And
it is selling fast!

Zondervan Publishers helped create “The Bible Experience,” an audio version
of the Bible, created by some of the biggest names in Hollywood. It includes
sophisticated music and sound effects.

“The Bible Experience” is a complete, 79 CD version of the Bible, for your
listening pleasure. The New Testament was released last year and became the
fastest selling Bible of the year. Now, the full Bible is available.

“The Bible Experience” started in the minds of a group of Hollywood
producers. They wanted to share their faith with the next generation. They’re
doing so with an audio version of the Bible, performed by the stars of today.
Paul Caminiti of Zondervan says, “I think Denzel Washington was the first person
they asked in the church parking lot. And Denzel said, absolutely, we have to do

“The Bible Experience” is produced and performed with emotion by more than
400 African American actors, musicians, and religious figures. Caminiti says,
“It really is, in a sense, the African American community’s gift of faith to the
broader church.”

It also presents a new, yet traditional, approach to the Word of God. As
Caminiti explains, “In the past people listened to the Bible. And it was an oral
tradition. And so it’s just a new twist on the oral tradition of the Bible.”

The producers approached Zondervan, which already published the five leading
audio bibles. “The Bible Experience” is a best seller for the company. Caminiti
says, “You have the Bible, which is the fastest, the most popular book ever. And
um, it’s not only the most sold book in history, but it’s the most sold book
every year. Now here’s the fastest selling Bible in one year.”

The New Testament version was released last year. It won the Audio Book of
the Year award, over competitors that included “Harry Potter.”

The complete version of “The Bible Experience” just became widely available
online and in Christian and mainstream bookstores this week. The complete
version costs eighty dollars.

“The Bible Experience is part of Zondervan’s efforts to reach out to all
people, especially the young media savy generation. Caminiti says, “In the Bible
business we realize that the Bible is a formidable book and an intimidating
book. And we’re always looking for new ways and new formats that will make it
more accessible, make it more engaging.” The Bible Experience

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  • The New Testament in CD and MP3 formats will be in retail outlets � secular and Christian, storefront and online � by Fall. The Old Testament follows in 2007. Price: $29.99 Inspired by the bible experience new testament and old testament cd and mp3